International Tourist Guide Day Posted on 21st of February 2018

International Tourist Guide Day

Today is International Tourist Guide Day – a celebration of the important role tour guides play in the tourism industry and their local communities.

At Edinburgh Bus Tours we currently have 18 tour guides and today we starting training our new recruits for the summer today.

To recognise the day, we ask one of our guides, Stuart Ness, to tell us a bit about himself and his role.


How long have you work at Edinburgh Bus Tours?

This is my 5th season with the team, I work seasonally from January – October.  I joined Edinburgh Bus Tours when I went back to University to study Psychology.

What’s your favourite part of Edinburgh?

I love the Canongate, its architecture and history.

Tell us a fact about Edinburgh that you tell when you are guiding.

The Scot Monument has 81 statues included in the building.  Most people don't see these as they have been blackened by smoke over many years.

Tell us a fact you learnt from a fellow Tour Guide.

One that I found interesting is that Edinburgh was all built from the same stone from a local quarry which is now the site of Craigleith Retail Park. Stone from the are is still used to make repairs to the City’s landmarks.


Look out for Stuart the next time you take one of our tours.

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