Posted on 07th of June 2017

New look at Edinburgh Bus Tours

The team at Edinburgh Bus Tours are looking great in their new uniforms.

Following our investment into a brand new fleet of vehicles for our five star open top bus tour experience our staff have all been kitted out in new uniforms to reflect our fresh look branding.

The uniforms, designed by Pride & Joy Clothing in collaboration with our team offer our staff a layer for every variation of Scottish weather including shirts, jumpers, soft shell jackets and brightly coloured rainwear.

Comfort was of prime importance when creating the new look and design took each member of staff’s role into consideration.  Drivers behind the wheel all day have comfortable trousers, tickets sellers out in all weathers have warm,  waterproof options and our tour guides have longer shirts that don’t pop out of their trousers or skirts when they point out Edinburgh attractions!

The team are delighted with the new look with comments such as:

‘Fantastic quality and fit’

‘I feel comfortable in my new uniform all day’

‘Love the bright yellow rain jacket’

‘I love our new smart look’

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