We're looking for the first Lothian People's Champion Posted on 26th of October 2017

We’re looking for the first Lothian People’s Champion

Lothian, our parent company, has teamed up with the Edinburgh Evening News to find the first Lothian People’s Champion.

The Lothian team do a fantastic job day in and day out, some of which have been shared such as the driver who hopped off his bus to help a pensioner to tie their shoelaces and another rescued a stranded hedgehog in the road but there are plenty good deeds which we don’t know about.

Richard Hall, Lothian’s Managing Director said:

We are delighted to partner the Edinburgh Evening News in finding Edinburgh’s first ever Lothian ‘People's Champion’. Our people are the face of our business which is an integral part of the fabric of the city. Lothian has a committed and dedicated workforce at it’s heart, who work together all day, every day to deliver a range of fantastic services to hundreds of thousands of customers around Edinburgh and the Lothians.    

We encourage all our customers to take the time to get involved with this campaign and nominate their favourite member of our team for this award.

We’re asking you to get in touch with the paper to tell them about a member of the Lothian team that has gone the extra mile for you or that simply brightens up your day.  They could work for any of the Lothian family, including Edinbrugh Bus Tours, Lothian buses, Skylink, Airlink, NightBus, Lothian Country, or East Coast Buses.

Euan McgGrory, Deputy Editor of the Edinburgh Evening News said:

The good deeds of Lothian staff this year have really won our hearts.  They have been an inspiration.

They provide a fantastic service around the clock every day of the year, but sometimes it is the way they do it that makes all the difference.  A little thought and card and go along long way.

We are delighted to be working with Lothian to recognise the kindness and care shown by their staff throughout the year.

To nominate your Lothian People’s Champion, contact the Edinburgh Evening News with their name or as much detail as you can about where and when you saw the individual concerned and details of what they did that made your day.

You can:

Email: newsen@edinburghnews.com with Lothian People’s Champion in the subject box.
Write to : Edinburgh Evening News, Orchard Brae House, 30 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh, EH4 2HS
Or message them on @edinburghpaper or facebook/edinburgh.evening.news

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