Wheelchair Accessible

All of our tours are wheelchair accessible

Mobility Scooters

Class 2 Mobility Scooters are welcome on our 3 City Tours

Hearing Impairment

For those with a hearing impairment there are screens showing subtitled commentary

Guide dogs

Guide dogs are welcome on board all of our tour buses


Next level accessibility with two wheelchair spaces...

In 2016 we launched 30 new, state-of-the-art tour buses following a £6.5m investment on the Edinburgh Tour, Majestic Tour and City Sightseeing routes. They offer wheelchair ramps and two wheelchair spaces, together with display screens showing live footage from the front of the bus and subtitled commentary. Class two mobility scooters are welcome on board. 

“Having travelled on many buses over the years it was great to see tour buses that had finally got it right for the wheelchair using tourist. Surprised and pleased to see two wheelchair spaces with plenty of room to manoeuvre. Brilliant idea to have a video screen in front of each wheelchair space where you can get a view of what's in front of the bus. It makes the commentary so much more meaningful as you share what others can see. The 'icing on the cake' was to discover the fabulous glass panels running up the side of the stairs to the upper deck. No more wondering what's on the other side of the bus that people are looking at .... I could see it to!"
Paul Ralph,
Director of Access and Inclusion at Euan’s Guide

Our 3 Bridges Bus & Boat Tour* bus offers a wheelchair ramp and one wheelchair space on board the bus to Queensferry. The boat can accommodate disabled users in some cases. Please check the Forth Boat Tours website  for further details.

Mobility Scooters that are class two are welcome on board new Edinburgh Tour, Majestic Tour and City Sightseeing buses. Battery powered wheelchairs are allowed, providing there is room on the bus.

Guide dogs are welcome on board all our buses.

For for those with a hearing impairment, display screens are available on the lower decks of City Sightseeing, Majestic Tour and Forth Bridges Bus & Boat Tour* buses showing subtitled commentary.

Ticketing: disabled users pay the relevant adult/child fares, and a carer carrying valid identification can enjoy concession prices.