Accessibility on our tours

Edinburgh Bus Tours endeavour to provide an inclusive service for bus tours around Edinburgh that are accessible to all.

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Wheelchair Users

  • Ramped access

    All of our tour buses have ramped access.

  • All of our tour buses are wheelchair accessible

    Edinburgh Tour, CitySightseeing Edinburgh and Regal Tour have 2 rear-facing wheelchair accessible spaces with their own display screens.

  • Class 2 mobility scooters

    A Class 2 mobility scooter is welcome on board if a wheelchair accessible space is available. Please note that legally wheelchair users have priority over the use of these spaces. Alternatively, Mobility Scooters can be folded and stored as luggage.

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  • Dogs, including assistance dogs, are welcome on all of our tour buses

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Blind and partially-sighted,
Deaf and hard of hearing

  • Audio guides

    CitySightseeing Edinburgh and Regal Tour have multi-language audio guides listened to through headphones provided.

  • Live guides

    The Edinburgh Tour has a live guide.

  • Display screens

    Our CitySightseeing Edinburgh and Regal Tour display screens are located on the lower deck showing subtitled commentary.

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  • Children welcome

    Children are welcome on all of our tours as long as they are accompanied by an Adult or Senior.

  • Horrible Histories Commentary

    CitySightseeing Edinburgh features a special Horrible Histories commentary narrated by Terry Deary.

  • Buggy users

    Visitors with buggies are welcome to use a wheelchair space if it is available. Buggies can also be folded and placed in the luggage rack for storage.


We are here to help

Edinburgh Bus Tours acknowledge and support the fact that not all disabilities are visible and believe that our customers should be able to explore Edinburgh without judgement. We aim to create a culture of inclusion across Edinburgh and ask that our customers from all around the world support us by showing kindness and respect to each other and our colleagues.

If you require any additional support with planning your Edinburgh Bus Tour, please contact our Edinburgh Tour Team via email to [email protected]

If you have any accessibility specific queries please contact our dedicated Accessibility Team via email to [email protected]